CLUB MOBIL for individuals with a disability has been working for many years in the field of “SAFE DRIVING” with a physical and psychological impairment. Her numerous published studies and her personal engagement aiming at the enhancement of both mobility of disabled individuals and road safety in general allowed Edith Grünseis-Pacher, founder of CLUB MOBIL, to make a name for herself as an international expert in mobility issues.

Driving is an essential part of quality of life and synonymous with independence and self-determination. Therefore CLUB MOBIL developed the following services:

  • ASSESSMENT OF DRIVING APTITUDE: In order to have road safety experts assess whether an individual still meets the requirements necessary for driving a motor vehicle after having suffered from an accident (e.g. traumatic brain injury), a neurological incident (e.g. CVA, MS, Parkinson’s disease, ALS) or presenting age-related impairment, CLUB MOBIL developed the concept of confidential assessment of the driving aptitude for driver’s license groups B and C upstream of official re-licensing procedures.

  • ROAD SAFETY TRAINING according to the motto “TRAINING WITH A DISABILITY”: During these training sessions, experts of the Austrian Automobile Association ÖAMTC teach drivers with a minimum handicap of 50 % how to correctly react to extreme situations on the road.

CLUB MOBIL also offers:

  • Adapted rental cars

  • Advice related to the appropriate adaptive equipment during driving aptitude assessment

  • Presentations during automobile and mobility fairs

In addition, CLUB MOBIL mobility experts deliver lectures and talks on SAFE DRIVING WITH A DISABILITY.

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